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Here is what my parents say about me.

Atharv was born on April 29, 2013, to Shruti and Mayur Nadkarni. Atharv was a very curious baby right from when he was a few months old. When he was 1-1½ years old, he could identify the numbers, alphabets and read words, signboards, banners, etc. He was also very good at spellings. Just before he turned 3, he was able to flawlessly spell the longest word in the Oxford English Dictionary, a medical word, 'PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOV OLCANOCONIOSIS' which took us by surprise. One day, he locked his mother’s mobile phone with a number lock. We didn’t know what to do as we didn’t think Atharv knew what he had done. We tried all numbers as we thought he will not remember the code. Two days after trying everything possible, the only option we had was to do a factory reset. We again asked him to try to unlock it. He was able to recollect the code and unlock it, which was a shock no.2 for us. There are many other such stories when he has given such pleasant shocks, least expected from kids his age.

At age 3, he knew all Indian State and Union Territories and their respective capitals, world capitals, elements of periodic table. In a few months, he also knew Newton's laws, Pythagoras theorem and Trigonometry basics. He could also do mental calculations with ease.

He likes to read a lot. He always finds something to read wherever he goes. Some of his favourites are the English dictionary, science encyclopedias, nature encyclopedia, books on space, World atlas, quiz books, books on mathematics, languages; biographies of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, old scientists like Newton, Einstein, Edison, etc. He is currently reading Alex's Adventures in Numberland by Alex Bellos.

He started coding when he was 4 years old using MIT Scratch, FreeCodeCamp, Codecademy, etc. He also does a lot of research on the internet for topics of his interest to gain more knowledge. Currently he’s learning C, C++, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Visual Basic, Python, etc. He has designed this website using HTML and CSS. He has also started a Blog section on mathematics. He has conceptualized, written, narrated, edited his own videos on various topics. You can view these on his YouTube channel. He is currently learning Blender for 3D animations/modelling.

In his free time, he likes to dribble basketball. He also loves to play his Yamaha keyboard and sing. He listens to old as well as new Hindi film songs and also listens to western music including bands like U2, The Beatles, Queen, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, etc.

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